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Fabio Ciquera - Luxury Brand Management

Fabio Ciquera

Luxury Brand Management
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Tutor of Luxury Brand Management and Strategic Fashion Communication at LST, Fabio spent the past fifteen years in London, where he worked in communication departments of major brands like Gian Franco Ferre', the Chanel Group and Zilli. His focus shifted to publishing in the mid-noughties. Fabio serves as Communication Director at Upstreet Magazine, launched Plastique Magazine and worked on a pioneering online project, Imagine Fashion, the first video luxury Magazine. From 2010 Fabio lectures on Luxury Brand Management and Strategies at Istituto Marangoni where he has been the course director for the successful fashion Business programme. Fabio leads the communication department of Angelo Galasso, contributing to align the brand to major luxury brands and support its launch in the USA and Russia. Fabio currently lectures at INSEEC Paris at the popular Master Programme on Luxury Brand Management. Fabio also contributes to Browns Fashion‘s blog in London, reporting on fashion, design and art.