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What we offer

What We Offer

LST offers a holistic modern, tech-enabled educational experience with the changing world.

With a wide range of programmes offered online and campus, students can expect an unparalleled arts education that's designed to nurture the passion for the arts and push the boundaries of creative excellence.

We enable our students to be equipped with the skills, knowledge and tools to be renowned in the field they choose.

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A Fashion Film Created by LST Students

Diversity and inclusion are one of our key fundamentals. We like a spectrum aggregate cultural adaptation of varied experiences.

At LST, we identify your unique way of understanding and learning, and we accommodate you with the power to bring about positive reinforcement in your life by equipping you with skillset and tools to pave your path.

Our programmes are devised for beginners and non-design professionals so that they can develop an interest and skill in the designs.

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Our Associations

Our associations

London School of Trends is the official partner to Harper's Bazaar Fashion Forward.

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Our courses and Unique Programmes

LST brings to you an opportunity to learn from the heart of London and embark upon a creative journey to hone the skills, knowledge and experience to become a successful name in the industry.

LST initiates, produces and presents innovative, creative practices with programmes of interdisciplinary artistic and curatorial practices.

Our courses allow our students to explore, learn and be inspired. To optimise the opportunity to enhance the network and global reach as you choose one of our specially curated courses among the plethora of specialities taught by the best in business.

Meet The Team

Learn from the best...

Adrian Mott

Academic Director

Sara Corker

HOD - Interior Design & Styling
(Online & Campus)

Gintare Jankuniene

HOD-Fashion Design
(Online & Campus)

Vicky Hatia

HOD-Fashion Business
(Campus Only)

Genevieve Muwana

Fashion Business
(Campus Only)

Sarah Manning

Visual Merchandising
(Online & Campus)

Lois Tracy Spencer

Fashion Blogging
(Online Only)

Neil Holbrook

Visual Merchandising
(Online Only)

Paul Chambers

Visual Merchandising
(Online Only)

Joseph Toronka

Fashion & Personal Styling
(Online Only)

Carlos Palma

Hair & Make Up
(Online Only)

Laura Lightbody

Fashion Styling
(Online Only)

Manish Malhotra

Fashion Designing
(Online Only)

Cinzia Moretti

Interior Design
(Campus Only)

Fabio Ciquera

Luxury Brand Management
(Online Only)

Romain Potier

Graphic Design
(Online Only)

Tara Larkin

Interior Styling
(Online & Campus)

Giovanna Zac

Make Up Artistry
(Online & Campus)

Catherine van Baal

Contour fashion
(Online Only)

Louise Morley

Business of Fashion
(Online Only)

Vivien C Hamington

Fashion Styling
(Online & Campus)

Dr Rokhshid Ghaziani

Architecture Design
(Online Only)

Bex Sheridan

UI/ UX Design
(Online Only)

Clare Payne

Leather-Goods Design
(Online Only)

Jackie Andrews

Sustainable Fashion
(Online Only)

What Our students Have To Say....

Corner lefttop

The course proved to be immensely engaging and beneficial, particularly in light of my aspirations to embark on a career in fashion communication. It is a commendable starting point, offering in-depth coverage of numerous topics accompanied by insightful examples. The hands-on experience of working on assignments and quizzes added an extra layer of interest to the learning process.

Trupti Mitkari, IN

It was highly knowledgeable & advanced. it is a very helpful and insightful course for all the fashion designers.

Priyanka Javane, IN

Very excellent course

Miss Jyothy, GB

Good knowledge thru this course..


Thank you for this experience.

Matilde Mantello, IT

The course content is very well curated The assessment team has been very helpful in resolving any queries and concern.Have raised a request for E Certificate and only waiting for the response from the team.

Deepa Keshavamurthy, IN

It is a very good course for the bloggers. I really enjoyed the course and it's exercises along with quiz. All the best

Arpita Bhatnagar, IN

Looking Forward to work with Luxury Brands so as to practice , what I have learnt. Since , it was quite holistic way of learning & experiencing the luxury brand management. It was fun, easy, interesting & admirable. Thanks for being brief & crisp that has inspired me to master my skills for premium brands globally. It was highly knowledgeable & advanced.

Miss Lavien Haniel Mary Rose, IN

it is a very helpful and insightful course for all the fashion designers. it will teach you about the all the processes that are required to create new designs and how to become a popular designer as well as how to showcase your work or designs on red carpet.


I really enjoyed learning…. It’s was really meaningful 😊

Bhakti Desai, IN

Interesting, well curated and detailed course!

Anamika Mittal, IN

Best service best learning till now

Vaishnavi Chavan, IN

Very useful Detailed course

Rizwana.f ., IN

I am happy to learn from Manish Malhotra.

Sneha Sawant , IN

This course really rekindled the fire to become a free spirited designer. I would love to take away the things I have learnt forward, and be the best designer.

Thrishaa R, IN

knowledgeable course

Wincey kalra, IN

Awesome work. Learned a lot of new things. Thank you so much

Neha Dhanwani, IN

Great course, well designed and thought through. I found all of the modules very interesting and the course covers a wide variety of aspects in fashion design. It’s really interesting listening to the videos, doing the quizzes and reading the module notes. Overall, it’s an extremely enjoyable and interesting course, giving a great insight into the world of fashion, the different career paths there are and how Manish Malhotra started and runs his business, which I’ve found fascinating and inspiring. It has inspired me to be creative and broaden my mind in different areas, for example the costume design module was interesting and an area I didn’t know much about. I thoroughly enjoyed working on each assignment. I love that you can do the course from any smart device over 12 months, and when I needed to extend the course further, the course tutors were very understanding about it. Would highly recommend this course!


I loved the course. I have gained lot of knowledge on styling. Very useful course as a beginner. I got to know about lot of things.


Best option to learn about fashion.

Nausheen Arshad, IN

Great lessons. The lessons gave me a lot of knowledge about luxury. But, Great support. And the exercises are great to help students research more about luxury.

Jobelia Christy Josephine, ID

Best experience so far

Kartiki Singh, IN

Through this course my ability to do research improved and got more knowledge about fashion.


Good experience as a beginner

Guntuka Alekya, IN

Best opportunity i ever had❤️

Prajakta Wankhede, IN

It was a great course. It was a surreal moment to learn from Manish Malhotra sir.

Vishmaya Radha Krishnan, IN

Amazing experience. And I learned a lot. It made a way to make my dream come true. So thank you very much.

Debalina Acharjee, IN

best course of designers

Aishwarya Jangde, IN

This course, luxury brand management,was good learning ,everything was detailed but simplified so that it's easy to understand ,it was interesting and informative with a classroom feeling though its online .

Swarnima Saran, IN

It was an Amazing Exprience .....Thankyou Somuch .

Divya Gupta, IN

It's amazing and very useful course.

kangana vyas, IN

It was amazing course. Helped me a lot to learn new things

Ruchi vyas, IN

Excellent course. Provides a good insight into the various aspects of being a designer, in a very clear and simple way. Manish Malhotra very openly expresses his experiences and reveals key elements of the profession.

Shikha Menon, IN

completed my course successfully and also submitted all my assignments. THANKYOU

Mayank Dhoot, IN


Suchita Jain, IN



Amazing course with the right set of modules,assignments and notes.Grew so much as an artist!

Nandini Mehrotra, IN

going great still to learn more from it

Merlin Mathew, IN

I learn the subject it was very good . Super quality.

Deepika Khankhra, IN

Good sesion in this COVID time and great things learnt from Manish sir and the exercise are really effective I have done only main main exercise due to time lack between my professional and personal work. Over all we can get many insights from the personal experiences of Manish sir


I found it very helpful. All my queries also sought by teachers from time to time. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you.

Chetna ., IN

Very informative course for beginners. Go for it..

Amanpreet Kaur, IN

It was a great experience of to know many aspects of fashion designing....

Molshree Jain, IN

Had a great experience with LST and got lot more knowledge about fashion

Supriya Rai, IN

Its a good experience till now

Jahnvi Dahiya , IN

It was a great experience at the end we learned a lot of things and I’m happy to be a part of this .

Jyoti Bhagat, IN

incredible and useful course ,, I learned so many things and I improved my own skills that I can be confident to show it to my clients


Just loving the course. It’s sooo amazing grabbing each and everything from this

Taranpreet ., IN

It's a wonderful coures

Rachna Jain, IN

Well designed and informative course.

Harshita Jain, IN

Our Global Recognition

Our Global Recognition