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We make dreams come true, fashionably!

London is the fashion capital of the world. This city brings about an amalgamation of the richest cultures and history and lives by the ethos of art. There is no better place to be, but here. Samuel Johnson once said, "By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show." And we tend to agree. London is the maiden name for fashion.

It has given birth to artists for over centuries. And what better place to learn about art, fashion and life, but here! It is the most pragmatic location to have a school that believes inculcating minds with artistic inclination and creating gems.

The London School of Trends is the pathfinder and home for budding talents.

A fashion film created by our students!

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Canvas of an Artist: Our Student Journey, The Media Edit

Get set Go to the Runway - Student journal


The home for the eclectics, vagabonds and the fashion industry, London is the heart of fashion.

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New York, the city with a wild dream and a painted skyline breathes fashion and brings alive all its culture with its vibrant energy.

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