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Rania Kouros - Fashion Blogging

Rania Kouros

Tutor of Fashion Blogging at LST, Born in Cyprus, raised in Greece and travelling the world since then! Currently living and operating in London, Raina worked at “Must”, a Fashion magazine in Cyprus, when she was still in high school. she has attended myriads of fashion shows around Europe (Paris, the Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus), including her blogging presence at the London Fashion Week for the past two years. She originally launched her lifestyle blog to promote the things she considers inspiring and to encourage people to live life to the most. Her blogging aspirations grew fast and enabled collaborations with fashion companies like BuyMyWardrobe, London Fashion Bloggers, Rendezvous and Mosaiqe as well as with designers like Chelsea Bravo, Sophie Cochevelou, Reece Curtis Wallwyn and Miriam Reikerstorfer. She has been featured in several lifestyle magazines in Cyprus as well as in the UK, most notably in Grazia. She is currently the editorial officer of the LSE Fashion Society as well as the fashion journalist for the LSE newspaper the Beaver.