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Architectural Design

If you are fascinated by beautiful, stunning buildings and skyscrapers and love architecture and design, this course will be ideal for you. This course is suitable for anyone with some prior design experience or those interested in building a career in architecture and design. The course includes three main parts to cover different aspects of architectural design. You will be learning about:

  • Principles, processes, and communication are involved in the design.
  • Sustainable design and green building technologies.
  • Cultural context-history.
  • Theory of architecture.

The course intrudes on the history and evolution of architecture in the 20th and 21st centuries. It also discusses the importance of sustainable design and the current technologies that should be considered for designing various buildings in the 21st century. In addition, the elements and principles of building design, internally and externally, are presented, as are the design process stages and visualisation of the final design.


  • Asserted Credibility: Video lectures, annotated lessons, and live support for any questions are included in the course material. This course also contains intriguing tests and quizzes (you get personalised feedback on all assignments).
  • Taught by: Industry Expert
  • Diploma certificate by London School of Trends
  • The British Accreditation Council accredits the London School of Trends.
  • Personalised Learning: It takes four weeks to complete the course, but you'll have access to it for an entire year, so you can study at your own pace and on any device, including a tablet, smartphone, or computer.
  • Tools to attain your creative goals: All candidates will receive full-time support from our team and placement assistance.

Level - Beginner

Duration - 6 Weeks

Certified Diploma

Course Delivered 100% Online

Fee:  $447.00

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  • Pay by Debit/Credit
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Course Overview

This course is suitable for anyone with some prior design experience or those interested in building a career in architecture and design. In this course, you will thoroughly understand the elements and principles of design for architecture and interior design projects.
You will learn to recognise and address the main environmental challenges facing the design and building industry and understand the importance of identifying the broader benefits of sustainability.
By the end of the course, you will be able to explain and communicate creative ideas, concepts, and outputs of design projects and demonstrate various communication skills (visual and written) for different design projects. You will be able to select appropriate technologies and integrate them into the design of a building and its services.


  • An industry expert teaches the Architectural Design course.
  • The course consists of practical learning, highly interactive research assignments, and quizzes.
  • Learn online, on any device or browser over 12 months.
  • Get personal feedback on every assignment.
  • Study from anywhere and at your own pace.
  • Successful students will receive a diploma certificate from the London School of Trends.

Modules Covered

Course Modules
  • Module 1: Design: Principles, Process, and Communication
    • Unit 1: Elements of design: These elements, which aid the designer when creating a visual environment and are often referred to as tools, are as follows: Line, Space, Form, Texture, Colour, Light, and Pattern
    • Unit 2: Principals of Design: These principles are as follows: Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm, Contrast, and Unity
    • Unit 3: Design Process 1: Case Studies of How to Create a Design Concept
    • Unit 4: The Design Process 2: Design development: Different stages of design, including the development of concepts, are presented with examples of design projects
    • Unit 5: The Design Process 3: visualisation and communication: The unit discusses the presentation of the design process and final design through sketches, 2D and 3D drawings, renderings, and physical models.
  • Module 2: Sustainable Design: Green Building Technologies
    • Unit 6: Integrating green energy technologies into building design: introduction to environmental considerations and different sources of green energy, including solar, wind power, rainwater collection, as well as PV panels, BIPV, SMART Glass, Switchable smart film technology, and solar collectors for heating
    • Unit 7: Zero and Low energy buildings: Case studies of zero energy and low energy buildings (with BREEAM and LEED certifications)
    • Unit 8: Energy-efficient building construction and renovations: Case studies including sustainable materials and technologies
  • Module 3: Cultural Context: History and Theory of Architecture
    • Unit 9: The Formation of the Modern Movement: The unit presents the modern movement in Germany between 1894 and 1914. It also offers some famous architects and their works, including Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius, and Le Curbusier.
    • Unit 10: Postmodernism, Deconstruction, and Contemporary Architecture: The unit presents some case studies from the 1980s and the new millennium, including various masterpieces of architecture from the end of the 20th century and early 21st century.


Great course, well designed and thought through. I found all of the modules very interesting and the course covers a wide variety of aspects in fashion design. It’s really interesting listening to the videos, doing the quizzes and reading the module notes. Overall, it’s an extremely enjoyable and interesting course, giving a great insight into the world of fashion, the different career paths there are and how Manish Malhotra started and runs his business, which I’ve found fascinating and inspiring. It has inspired me to be creative and broaden my mind in different areas, for example the costume design module was interesting and an area I didn’t know much about. I thoroughly enjoyed working on each assignment. I love that you can do the course from any smart device over 12 months, and when I needed to extend the course further, the course tutors were very understanding about it. Would highly recommend this course!


I loved the course. I have gained lot of knowledge on styling. Very useful course as a beginner. I got to know about lot of things.


Best option to learn about fashion.

Nausheen Arshad, IN

Great lessons. The lessons gave me a lot of knowledge about luxury. But, Great support. And the exercises are great to help students research more about luxury.

Jobelia Christy Josephine, ID

Best experience so far

Kartiki Singh, IN

Through this course my ability to do research improved and got more knowledge about fashion.


Good experience as a beginner

Guntuka Alekya, IN

Best opportunity i ever had❤️

Prajakta Wankhede, IN

It was a great course. It was a surreal moment to learn from Manish Malhotra sir.

Vishmaya Radha Krishnan, IN

Amazing experience. And I learned a lot. It made a way to make my dream come true. So thank you very much.

Debalina Acharjee, IN

best course of designers

Aishwarya Jangde, IN

This course, luxury brand management,was good learning ,everything was detailed but simplified so that it's easy to understand ,it was interesting and informative with a classroom feeling though its online .

Swarnima Saran, IN

It was an Amazing Exprience .....Thankyou Somuch .

Divya Gupta, IN

It's amazing and very useful course.

kangana vyas, IN

It was amazing course. Helped me a lot to learn new things

Ruchi vyas, IN

Excellent course. Provides a good insight into the various aspects of being a designer, in a very clear and simple way. Manish Malhotra very openly expresses his experiences and reveals key elements of the profession.

Shikha Menon, IN

completed my course successfully and also submitted all my assignments. THANKYOU

Mayank Dhoot, IN


Suchita Jain, IN



Amazing course with the right set of modules,assignments and notes.Grew so much as an artist!

Nandini Mehrotra, IN

going great still to learn more from it

Merlin Mathew, IN

I learn the subject it was very good . Super quality.

Deepika Khankhra, IN

Good sesion in this COVID time and great things learnt from Manish sir and the exercise are really effective I have done only main main exercise due to time lack between my professional and personal work. Over all we can get many insights from the personal experiences of Manish sir


I found it very helpful. All my queries also sought by teachers from time to time. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you.

Chetna ., IN

Very informative course for beginners. Go for it..

Amanpreet Kaur, IN

It was a great experience of learning...got to know many aspects of fashion designing....

Molshree Jain, IN

Had a great experience with LST and got lot more knowledge about fashion

Supriya Rai, IN

Its a good experience till now

Jahnvi Dahiya , IN

It was a great experience at the end we learned a lot of things and I’m happy to be a part of this .

Jyoti Bhagat, IN

incredible and useful course ,, I learned so many things and I improved my own skills that I can be confident to show it to my clients


Just loving the course. It’s sooo amazing grabbing each and everything from this

Taranpreet ., IN

It's a wonderful coures

Rachna Jain, IN

Well designed and informative course.

Harshita Jain, IN

This is one of the most amazing and insightful courses I've ever come across. Grateful for the tutor of the course, Fabio Ciquera, for explaining the subject so well and in depth. The subject is beyond interesting and its absolutely easy to follow through. Again thankful and hoping to join in for more online courses!

Janhvi Gaikwad, IN

Loved it! So glad i did it.

harsimar kaur, IN

This course was very useful, as it helped me get a better understanding of fashion designing and the fashion industry. And I think if someone is looking for a career in fashion designing, then this course is for them.

Shafiya Malik, IN


Mansi Thakur, IN

The course was really helpful in understanding the fundaments of styling and the requirements to start a styling business. Looking forward to using the knowledge gained in practical life and projects. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Gurkamal Kaur Shergill, IN

This course has taught me a lot about fashion on body types and starter packs on how to stay prepared at all times. This course has also improved my portfolio building.

Dhvanii Shah, IN

Its was such an inspring course from manish malhotra sir

Insha karjikar, IN

It was a truly enriching experience.

Priyanka Malhotra, IN

I have found this course to be exceptionally good and instructive for me. The structure of the modules to include Course Notes, Videos and Lecturers is a very seamless flow allows for ease of learning. It has been really 'eye opening' for me. Thank you so much.

Valerie Spencer, AG

Really everything is well explained the best part is module notes. This course is enhancing my knowledge and helping me to polish my fashion skills ♥️

Shoaib Hussain, IN

it was a amazing experience learing modules from the best in fashion industry

Swethaa Kj, IN

had amazing experience and also gained a lot of knowledge about personal styling. thank you LST AND ITS TEAM.

Chetna Jakhotia, IN

This course helped me a lot to understand how exactly fashion blogging is done. Cleared all doubts. Videos are too good and explanations with notes are very helpful in understanding.

Sneha gogoi, IN

I feel so lucky to have found this course. It has everything what you need. Suddenly I know so much about the interior designing and styling. The trainer is so so knowledgeable about the subject and she is so great at what she does. Thanks LST!

Chitra Sharma, IN


Namra Fatima, IN

very helpful for beginners, covers many topics, a very good course.

susmitha pillamari, IN

Great and easy learning experience. The faculty was wonderful.

Bhavika jeswani, IN

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