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Online Strategic Fashion Communication course represents the aspect of the industry that makes a fashion product believable, trendy, coveted and ultimately sell able. Strategic communication does not only determine the commercial success of a fashion product but defines also the success of the brand as a whole, enhancing its visibility on a global scale across different channels. The course develops the relationship between the strategic approaches to modern communication for fashion and brand awareness as a key factor for the longevity of brands.


Level: Beginner

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Course Overview

Communicate fashion and luxury as a specific subject!
Participants will be able to opt for a career in the communication department. You will be introduced to the essential elements that form a modern communication strategy, analysing all its different aspects ranging from PR, social media, advertising, direct promotion and events. Participants will develop the ability to identify which specific area they would like to explore in greater detail, either through a full-time study programme in Fashion Marketing or through an internship in a fashion house or public relations agencies. The course has a focus on strategic approaches of modern communication that enhance the bond between client sand brands.

The course is designed to introduce key concepts and provide knowledge of how communication strategies and modern media are incorporated with technology to gain a clear competitive advantage, enhancing brand awareness and ultimately become a commercial success. The participants will also explore how creative communication strategies and effective marketing can respond to and grow in a fast-paced industry that is driven by change.

Strategic Fashion Communication will equip the participants with tools and techniques for communication strategies across different channels. The participants will also gain an insight into the fundamental aspects of consumer behaviour and will study the panorama of modern communication channels that influence clients across the globe to adopt brands, styles and trends.


  • Online Strategic Fashion Communication Course is Taught By Mr FabioCiquera
  • The course made up of study and research assignments graded by our tutors
  • Learn online, on any device and browser over twelve months
  • Highly Interactive with assignments and video lectures
  • Responsive Online Course Hub
  • Study from anywhere on your tablet, PC or smartphone
  • Tutor feedback is given on the submitted assignments
  • Every successful student will get a certificate of completion from the London School of Trends

Modules Covered

Course Modules
  • Module 1: The role of Public Relations within Fashion
  • Module 2: Marketing Communication
  • Module 3: How marketing communications works
  • Module 4: The role of communication
  • Module 5: Other tools in communication for a fashion brand
  • Module 6: Relationship between art, PR & Fashion houses
  • Module 7: The relationship between brand and media
  • Module 8: Fashion events
  • Module 9: How to translate the brand message in an event
  • Module 10: What is fashion forecasting

Tutors & Contributors

TAUGHT BY Fabio Ciquera - Luxury Brand Management
Fabio Ciquera - Luxury Brand Management

Tutor of Luxury Brand Management and Strategic Fashion Communication at LST, Fabio spent the past fifteen years in London, where he worked in communication departments of major brands like Gian Franco Ferre', the Chanel Group and Zilli.

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