Hair & Make Up + Bridal

If you have a knack for skincare and understand make-up, if you love to play dress-up, LST has just the right course for you! Our hair and make-up + Bridal programme make you an expert in understanding the basics of make-up and hair styling and also give you a significant amount of learning to specialise in Bridal Hair and Make-up.

  • Personalised learning: Learn on any device at your own pace over 12 months.
  • Trusted content: The online course is put together by our tutor, Carlos Palma.
  • Tools to attain your creative goals: Full-time support by our team and course certificate provided to all the successful students.


Level: Beginner
Duration: 9 Weeks

  • Course Overview
  • Modules Covered
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Course Overview

Begin your journey with us exploring different hair & make up designs for different occasions. Learn the basics that can one day lead you to be the next Michael Ashton, who now works with celebrities such as Adele, Zac Efron, and Hilary Swank.

Get the classroom experience form the comfort of your home. We give you real-world advice on what to expect and how to maximise your creative and professional prospects.


  • Online Hair and Make-up + Bridal Course is taught by an industry expert.
  • The course consists of practical learning, highly interactive research assignments and quizzes.
  • Learn online, on any device or browser over 12 months.
  • Get personal feedback on every assignment.
  • Study from anywhere and at your own pace.
  • Successful students receive a certificate of completion from the London School of Trends.

Modules Covered

Course Modules
  • Module 1. Introduction & Tool Kit
  • Module 2. A Complete Guide To Eye Make-Up - Extra on How to do the perfect Smokey Eye, Covering up dark circles and how to do the perfect Cat Eyes.
  • Module 3. Day to Evening Look - Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Contouring,Foundation, Lips and cheeks, Evening Hair & Evening Make-Up
  • Module 4. Different Face Shape & Skin Type Make-Up - Square, Round,Heart, Average (video demonstration)
  • Module 5. Makeovers & Makeup for Film and Magazines - Classic Hair &Makeup, Glamorous Hair & Makeup, Photo ready, Hollywood look
  • Module 6: Bridal Make Up How to create Vintage looks - 20s 30s & 40s
  • Module 7: Bridal Hair & Makeup How to create Unique / Strong look
  • Module 8: Bridal Hair & Makeup How to create Romantic look
  • Module 9: Bridal Hair & Makeup How to create Classic & Modern looks

Tutors & Contributors

TAUGHT BY Carlos Palma - Hair & Make Up

Tutor of Hair + Makeup Course at LST, Carlos Palma has 22 years experience as a professional hair and makeup artist within the fashion industry and has an accredited reputation in New York, Miami and London.

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