If you can knit up a storm but don't know to optimize your talent? Or you feel that knitting can be therapeutic and would like to learn more,this is your course! LST creates a specially curated course where you are given a holistic training on the techniques and also allowed to experiment with different styles.


Level: Beginner
Duration: 6 Weeks

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Course Overview

This programme includes 6 modules based on Knitting, modules come with video lectures and associated assignments that learners must finish and submit. The submitted assignments will be assessed by the subject tutor and who will then give feedback, enabling the learner to track her/his progress. Upon completion of the course, learners are awarded a certificate of completion.


Get your knitting skills ready for christmas jumper season
With winter firmly taking a hold of us in its icy grip, there is no better time to layer up and wear a thick woolly jumper, if you can't find what you are looking for in stores, create your unique jumpers,hats and scarves for your loved ones. This online course, Taught By a very experienced fashion knitting expert may be the right place to start. Our Online Courses are built to the same standard as our classroom courses but give our students a chance to learn from any where and at their comfort.


  • Online Knitting Course Taught By an experienced fashion tutor
  • The course comprises of video lectures, notes and exercises for students
  • Learn online, on any device and browser over 12 months
  • Every successful student will get a certificate of completion from the London School of Trends.

Modules Covered

Course Modules
  • Module 1: Equipment and materials
  • Module 2: Design
  • Module 3: Basic Techniques
  • Module 4: Creative Techniques
  • Module 5: Patterns and charts
  • Module 6: Advanced Techniques

Tutors & Contributors

TAUGHT BY Jill Bulgan - Knitting
Jill Bulgan - Knitting

Specialty: Knitting

  • Over 18 years of knitting teaching experience & member of the UK hand knitting association
  • Author for knitting books
  • Mentors students across UK
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