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Fashion Styling

This is a four-week intensive course, that aims at providing students with an all-encompassing knowledge of the styling field. With a wide variety of modules such as fashion styling, brand styling, personal styling, as well as styling for movies and ad campaigns, this course is a thorough programme for beginners interested in this line. We aim to equip the students with the confidence and exposure required to make a successful career in the fashion industry.

'Styling' is the very soul of fashion. It is the creation of an image, a visual, and a way of expression. This course entails a holistic understanding of the role of a stylist in the fashion industry. The structure is designed to assist the student in studying style trends, designer collections and style tribes. Students enrolling for this course will get a first-hand experience along with an insight into the industry functionalities.

Our modules detail and outline the difference between styling for photography and films, for conceptual shoots and commercial shoots, for e-commerce portals and designer look books, etc.

We also equip our students with the history of styling itself. This subject is essential, and having an understanding of the influence of history and art on the fashion of a particular era is key to having a rock-solid foundation in this field. You never know when you may have to style for a period film or make the characters convincingly portray a specific time in history! Therefore, you can see how being in a field like this can have a massive potential. From working with photographers to art directors, costume makers and hair and makeup artists, this line involves a lot of creativity and passion.

The subjects give the students a deep understanding of colours, skin tones, fabrics, silhouettes, textures, body types, personality styles, what happens behind the scenes of a shoot or a campaign, styling for e-commerce brands and advertisement. By the end of this course, and after working on various individual and group assignments, the students will have a rock-solid foundation in fashion styling, and enough exposure to its different components. Students will also more specifically be able to opt for which area of styling appeals to them enough for the student to pursue as a career or specialisation.

Student can also expect to gather insider knowledge of the professional life cycle of a stylist, how a fashion editorial works, how fashion shows are designed and how commercial work is organised. Students will also be trained in team management and art direction.

The curriculum includes the creation of a "Styled" image. It involves a test shoot, how to create a fashion image with a given theme and learning the varied roles of a stylist.

Some of the many fields that will be open to the students after the completion of this course are:

1) Fashion Styling (For brands, lookbooks, companies, magazines, showrooms, e-commerce, advertisements, runway shows, etc.)
2) Personal and Celebrity Styling
3) Commercial Styling
4) Art Direction
5) Fashion Blogging
6) Writing features for magazines and other publications
7) Styling for media (movies, television shows, etc.)

Course type - Campus Learning

Duration - 4 Weeks in London

Certified Diploma Course

Limited Spaces Available

Our Global Recognition

  • Modules Covered
  • Course Fees & Dates
  • Entry Requirements

Modules Covered

The course include modules of study and research work based on contemporary fashion styling. On this course you will learn about:
  • Concepts
  • Mood boards
  • Working with photographers, hair and make-up artists and models
  • Sourcing product & returns
  • Styling kit
  • Composition, colour and mood
  • Studio vs. Location
  • Conceptual editorial styling vs sales-driven commercial styling
  • Film styling vs photographic styling
  • Fashion editing
  • Student portfolio photoshoot

Teaching and learning methods
  • Lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Practical workshops
  • Field trips
  • Market visits
  • Photoshoot(a variety of options available)
  • Research: Learning extends beyond the taught sessions. Students must undertake independent fieldwork and self-directed study.
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the course students will be able to:
  • Understand the role of fashion stylist and how fashion styling plays a role within different areas of the fashion and design industry.
  • Understand the elements and processes which go into the creation of a styled image.
  • Understand how to work with a photographer / creative director to produce professional and innovative imagery.
  • Work with composition, taste and style, with relevance to current and future trends.
  • Understand the concept of styling, realising it's potential within the media, promotion, advertising and sales.


Upon the successful completion of this course, you will receive a certificate of completion from LST. The British Accreditation Council accredits LST.

Course Fees & Dates

Course Fees- 2023-24

One-Month Residential Course for £3750
This includes:
1) Tuition Fees
2) Round-trip airfare (from home country to London Heathrow)
3) Accommodation 4 weeks
4) Transportation within London for the entire duration
5) All course-related activities(museum/exhibition visits, etc...)
6) Airport pickup/drop in London
7) Access to social events in London
8) Portfolio photoshoot with the professional team
9) Complete Visa Assistance
* Students can choose to upgrade facilities for an additional up charge, please discuss the available options with our admissions team.
One-Month Non-Residential Course for £2750
This includes:
1) Tuition Fees
2) All course-related activities(museum/exhibition visits, etc...)
3) Access to social events in London
4) Portfolio photoshoot with the professional team
5) Complete Visa Assistance
Payment Terms
1) The course fee must be paid in full before the start date of the course.
2) The London School of Trends encourages all participants to pay the fees in advance to secure their place.
3) The London School of Trends accepts payments through credit/debit cards and bank transfers.
For further assistance on the above information, please email: hello@lst.ac or call us on +44 (0) 20 7096 1142
Withdrawal from course
Residential/Non Residential Short Course:
If you decide to withdraw from the course before the start date, a refund (deducting any charges that might have been applied by a third party) will be processed for you.
*International Students: If your visa has been refused, a full refund (deducting a £500 administrative fees) will be processed for you.


-We will be unable to process any refunds once the course has started, or if the visa has been issued for an international student and you decide to withdraw.
- Covid-19, please refer to current UK government guidelines.

Course Dates- 2023-24

September Term:
Thursday, 21th September 2023 to Monday, 16th October 2023
December Term:
Monday, 11th December 2023 to Friday, 5th January 2024

Entry Requirements

The London School of Trends looks forward in training the applicants who have a keen interest in the creative field of fashion styling. We give utmost importance to the passion of the student and their dedication towards learning the course. All of our courses are taught in English, and the applicant must have a good command over the language.

Course Application

You will be required to complete the filling of the application form for the London School of Trends provided below. The applicant must be of at least 18 years of age at the start of the course.

International Students

All our courses are taught in English so a good command over English is essential.
(If the applicant is not proficient in English, it is recommended that they obtain an IELTS score of 6+ at the minimum. You can visit the website: ielts.org for more information about this test).

The applicant must be fully vaccinated against covid-19* in order to get the exemption for mandatory quarantine. Please refer to government guidelines. Our admissions officer will explain this to you in detail.

For any further assistance, you can reach out to us at hello@lst.ac Depending on your passport of origin, you may be required to apply for a Short Term Study Visa to legally study in the United Kingdom for up to 6 months. Please visit www.gov.uk for more information or please contact our team for advise on hello@lst.ac.


Please note that your information is saved on our server as you enter it.


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